waterfall in the skylight behind the house
waterfall in the skylight behind the house
A waterfall with a fountain is among our company's completed projects in  Baghdad.
One of our company's works is a circular beak fountain with a nozzle in the middle..  
Construction of waterfalls in the form of a water curtain with colored lighting with a large aquarium
For homes with small spaces, a waterfall with a simple idea with a children's basin  
A color-changing waterfall designed and created by our company
The completion of the upper fountains in the grape leaves restaurant in Baghdad by our company Lash Company
The stages of making a vertical waterfall with a small pool for a house in the city of 
Beautifully designed and created fountain with a fragrant smell of our company;
Completion of a waterfall with fountains from natural reservation by our company with a wonderful and modern design
We can't control the weather, but we can control the schedule, costs, quality and safety.