Who We Are

An Iraqi company with German-Spanish support is interested in providing energy with new ideas and a new style to save time, effort and money and to create a perfectly clean environment.
The company is comprehensive and specialized in several fields. The scientific aspects are based on the studied and economic process which includes all aspects of modern construction Lush relies on the introduction of new technologies for Iraq to develop the concept of construction.

What We Do

Relying on new means of energy production, inventions, and ideas To be a leading company in this field, as it seeks to develop and offer the best in the promotion of the prestigious level to be environmentally friendly in addition to the important economic advantages by providing the most durable product and work and thus save time and money.

We Have wide range of products

Lush offers a wide range of products including:
1-Swimming pool equipment, fountains, disinfectants, and water filtration and sterilization systems.
2-Insulation materials, ceramic adhesive, concrete treatments.
3-Generating solar energy and all related energy.
Attention to health and fitness
4-All kinds of water systems 

Providing the
most up-to-date ideas for building and luxury
We can't control the weather, but we can control the schedule, costs, quality and safety.